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About godot
What is this About?
As a owner of geocaching listings, you sometimes need to find space between other caches and stages.
With this tool you can find them by entering the cache and stage coordinates around your desired location.
It is also a handy tool for measuring distances or showing an overview of a list of caches.
How does it work?
You enter the final or stage coordinates of caches around your desired location. The coordinates are not saved on any server, they a stored in the local storage of your Browser and are only used by this tool.
Adding and removing caches
To add a cache or stage, just choose "Caches" from the main layer and the click on "Add new". Add a Name which must be unique and and the complete position of that location.
Clicking on "Combined" you can enter a coordinate in one line.
To remove a cache or stage, just click on the red "x" in the cache list.
A click on the cache name centers the map to it.
The Button "Calc" enabled the calculation mode, check two or three caches to draw lines. With two caches checked you see the distance and the half way position above the list.
Import and export caches
Because your cache list is stored in your browser storage, you cannot access the list from another browser or computer.
To transfer your list to another browser or compuer, choose "Export" in the cache list. Then you are able to copy a list, save this as a text file on a removable disk or a cloud service like Dropbox.
Such Exports are able to import by the "Import" function. You can also import Caches from the PocketQuery-GPX format.
ToDo list
  • Coordinate input validation
  • Save/Maintain Sets of Lists
  • Editing coords
  • Prevent scrollbar from dragging
  • More online help
  • Contact
    For comments or suggestions please contact me through my Geocaching-Account or by mail to godot@steinpilz42.de.